​​The Heights at Porter Ranch 


Vice President

Larry Nicholas has served The Heights since fall 2010 and since fall of 2011 he has been our vice president.


Our member position is now filled by long time resident and committee participant David Blaire. His background with LAFD will be helpful at disaster committee meetings. Welcome Dave!

He is a real estate broker (BRE #00801856), a certificated property manager (PMC) with the Calif. Association of Realtors and a credentialed community association manager (AMS/CMCA) with the Community Associations Institute and with the California Association of Community Managers (CCAM-LS-PM).


Board Meetings

Board meetings are held the 3rd Tuesday of every month at 6:30 pm. Executive session meetings are held at 7:30 pm at 19911 Mid Pines Lane in Porter Ranch. For meeting agendas, visit the Meetings calendar and click on the date of the meeting for the next board agenda.

Architectural Meetings

Arch applications are usually reviewed during or after board meetings. Make sure you have your documentation in order before the meeting starts for a speedy review. Also, applications require at least 30 days to process and review. 

Hearings Committee Meetings

Hearings for traffic violations, parking violations, site review violations and violations related to our rules and regulations are held the last Wednesday of the month on a quarterly basis. Check the community Meetings calendar for dates and times.

Site Reviews and Site Meetings

Site reviews are usually held the first Friday of the month at about 4 pm. Also, meetings related to site maintenance matters are held as needed. Check the community Maintenance calendar for details. 

Landscaping Meetings

The landscape committee meet infrequently during the year, but more often before and during planting projects and for landscape issues when they arise. 

Social/Recreation and Disaster Meetings

These meetings are held on an as needed basis. Contact Dave Friedman at Dave@818Myhouse.com for details. 

Media/Technology Meetings

These meetings are held via email. Contact Ed Parada at Ed@SanFernandoValleyHomes.us to be included in newsletter drafts, edits and website design ideas. 

Budget and Finance Meetings

Budget meetings are held in the fall, usually the first or second Tuesday of the month, but meetings related to expenses are held at 5:30 pm the day of board meetings. Check the community Meetings calendar for dates and times. 

Governance Meetings

Governance meeting are held to review our Rules and Regs as well as other HOA documents and policies. Check the community calendar Meetings calendar for dates and times. 


Dave Koerner joined the board in 2016, but is an original owner and has been an active volunteer for over 10 years! He is an attorney with a business degree looking to help consolidate the board. 

Property Manager

board members

attend general session board meetings each 3rd tuesday of the month 6:30 pm-7:30 pm 

AMS/CMCA/CCAM-LS-PM/PMC/Broker #00801856

Ed Parada joined the board in 2003 and served as member, secretary, president and treasurer until he was asked to manage the community in 2010. 


Pete Heidenfelder has been the president of The Heights since late 2010. Before that he served as the secretary of the community and member and has served the community for over 20 years!


Dan McCombs is currently the HOA secretary. He served as president from fall 2001 until fall of 2008 with service on the board over many terms totaling over 20 years!


Our volunteer committee members are dedicated to serving the community

Architectural Committee Chair: Carolyn Doherty

Hearings Committee Chair: Dave Koerner


Site Review Committee 


Landscaping Committee Chair: Dan McCombs

Social/Recreation Committee Chair: Dave Friedman


Disaster Preparedness Committee Chair: Dave Friedman


Media/Technology Committee Chair: Ed Parada


Budget and Finance Committee Chair: Dave Koerner


Governance Committee Chair: Dave Koerner